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Residential COnstruction Services

Are You A Homeowner

Who Is Carrying Out Construction Work.

Approximately half of our customers are homeowners or developers that seek our assistance to manage the builder. This typically includes answering the builders queries, liaising with design team and issuing contract instructions on behalf of the owner/developer. Further, we are often tasked with receipt and assessment of variation entitlements and payment claims as required to ensure the customer does not overpay.

Similarly, we provide the same services to builders who may understand that their expertise lies in getting the job done rather than administration and paperwork.

Always ensure to engage a professional manager for the works.

How we can help

All we need to provide the services is a copy of the relevant documents and contract details of the other parties.

We will send the customer an acceptance of service by email and then that’s it.

Customers receive a calendar of proposed meeting slots for coordination purposes and an initial discussion regarding the process and to answer any queries to set customers concerns at ease.
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