Professional Consultants to the Construction Industry

We provide Consultant services to the Construction Industry as a whole, whether you are a Construction company, Builder, or contractor, we have you covered, our services pages explain in more detail, however, we are just like the rest of the Construction industry here in New Zealand who are worried about the way things are going within our industry, our point of view is , lets make it better.

We can help in many ways, whether you simply need us to look over a contract or supply you with a Quantity Surveyor then simply click onto our services page located in the top menu.

About Our Company

Contract Control offers the benefit of a number of years of international and New Zealand experience in providing professional construction Consultant services to Developers, Engineers to contract and Contract Administrators, Construction contractors and subcontractors - right here in Canterbury and all across New Zealand.

Construction contract dispuites and resolution are something we specialise in, risk assessments of construction and Services such as claims disputes, services agreements, and commercial systems advice are also available.

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We offer services to the Construction Industry in New Zealand to make it better.