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Debt collection

-Statutory demands (Companies Act 1993)

We can issue statutory demands and follow up the process by providing legal representation at the High Court where liquidations are required.

- CCA 2002 claims (summary judgements)

If you have served a valid claim under the CCA 2002, then you may be able to recover your claimed sum as a debt via summary judgement. We can provide and serve the documents required by the court for this.

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Construction management

- Residential building management

We can represent the builder or the homeowner to ensure the contract and your interests are represented. We manage and fully report on all aspects of the project.

- Commercial construction management

We represent or assist confidentially, developers, contractors & subcontractors. We can provide remote services or attending staff as required. Our remote contract administration services are an excellent low cost solution to professional contract admin needs.

Construction contracts

- Provide construction contracts

We can provide you with building / construction contracts to suit your needs. We will consult with you to establish what you need and prefer, then draft the terms of contract as you require.

- Contract risk reviews

We can also take your construction contract and review it to highlight the risks and generally unwanted terms. You can use this review to negotiate a better contract, or to assist you to identify important tasks you must perform to maintain your interests while carrying out the project.

contract control
contract control

Construction claims & disputes

- Claim review

We check your claim and can critically assess it for you. This helps you to avoid claims disputes where claims are weaker than you think, and ensures you know your rights if and when you negotiate.

- Claims (we advise and create your claim)

We can simply ask you questions and create your claim for you. We will assess your contract and inform you of your rights before creating your claim. Once the claim is created and you are aware of your correct contractual position, then we can submit & negotiate the claim for you, or simply advise you confidentially.

Contract Control provides Consultation services to the construction industry. Our services pages explain what we can provide in more detail but briefly we see inequities within the industry and set out with a single goal, lets make it better.

We can help in many ways, whether you simply need us to look over a contract before you begin a construction project or assist you in a dispute then simply click onto our services page located in the top menu.

contract control
contract control
contract control
contract control

Our Services

We can provide you with construction contracts

We can help you with disputes and non payments

We can help with debt collection

We can help you to manage your construction project