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Commercial Reporting Services

Construction Project or Business

We are able to receive the customers information pertaining to any construction project and produce in depth reporting to allow our customers to understand the projected end results in detail. We can compare tender vs final anticipated costs and fully inform the customer about where it will be successful, and unsuccessful in its commercial performance. This is especially important during project reviews so that any previous tendering issues may be rectified before being repeated in the future.

We can assist the customer understand what information to provide and provide quality control services to ensure the information is correct.

We are sometimes asked to undertake this task on several construction projects at once, to understand the overall cashflow health of a business.

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Having confidence in the understanding of a project or business is of the upmost importance. Often the most severe issues are those that were not realised at an early enough stage to be mitigated or avoided entirely.

The assessor must understand:

1. Current and future income. Correct ongoing contract administration often assists in this process.

2. Current and expected final costs. To ensure accurate cost controls ongoing subcontract payment schedule systems should be adopted to manage outgoing variations.A further valuable step is to re-evaluate and reconcile all scope to avoid unforeseen variations.

3. The current progress of the works and an anticipated completion date. This is important when calculating remaining preliminary and general costs such as management and plant expenditure

Budget management

Managing the budget is an important part of commercial management of a construction project.

Essentially, the process consists of:

1. Ensuring the costs calculated for resources before the project started are maintained throughout the project, and

2. Minimizing cost (and waste) to maximize profits,

A useful product which results from this process is a close understanding of which resources exceeded the estimated costs, which may then be corrected when pricing subsequent projects.

It may be the case that excessive costs are also recoverable via variation, subject to terms of the customers contract, however the customer must understand the excessive costs in the first instance to be able to make a claim

Avoid time & cost issues

Understanding how your project is tracking is essential to being able to mitigate foreseen issues.

For example, if your labour or materials costs appear to be excessive, then you may need to change your operating processes to mitigate losses due to inefficient labour or material wastage.

Similarly, if your project preliminary and general (management, and site offices, mobile phone costs etc) are excessive, then this may indicate one of 2 things:

1. The project may have run over time, or

2. The project may have been under priced in the first instance.Understanding the health of your project is essential to managing the associated risks. You cannot fix what you don’t know about.

Correction of tendering rates

t is important to re-evaluate rates and tendering allowances on an ongoing basis.

Variations in costs due to inflation, shortages and other general supply & demand changes are frequent. It may be that a customers projects started out profitable but began returning less and less margin. Long term variances in cost may be the reason.

In 2022 there has been a significant increase in material and labour costs due to shortages in particular materials (for example GIB board), transportation shortages due to covid restrictions, and labour increase due to Covid driven migration restrictions.

Reasonably frequent budget reconciliations contribute to a better understanding of changing market rates and the ability to factor these changes when performing pricing for other projects and variations.


Contract Control commercial reporting services are often used by our customers when valuing works.

Customers often request commercial reporting in the form of valuations to demonstrate entitlements (or lack thereof) when making or responding to payment claims or variations.

We are able to provide this reporting via desktop exercises and information the customer provides, or by attending the worksite and establishing current progress and/or quantities of works completed to date.

It is important to fully understand the progress of works completed and to articulate this if seeking to pay a lesser amount than that claimed. Similarly, it is important to fully demonstrate entitlements for variations including a full breakdown of the costs and a reasonably identified quantum of work

What we need

1. a copy of your current costs and,
2. an understanding of the contracted scope of works
3. an understanding of the current status of the project

– This is usually achieved by providing:

1. a copy of your accounting software records (if available), or your invoices,

2. a copy of your tender file (if you have already have a successful award of the contract),

3. a completed from which we will provide you which identifies:

a. Current earned revenue,

b. Current project time information,

c. Current outstanding procurement orders,

We accept xero data, Microsoft Excel records, paper & electronic invoices. We are able to work with several construction software platforms. Please feel free to contact us to chat about your needs” end of content addition

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