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Post Construction Services

Final account services

We can assist our customers to negotiate/agree final accounts with supply chain parties, and clients accordingly.

Final account agreements are vital to limit ongoing potential exposure to inbound claims and are often a requirement for final payment on a project. Note that it is important to ensure final account agreements are a contractual requirement prior to seeking to enforce such an obligation on a responding party


We can assist our customers by providing a detailed construction project final account report detailing the commercial wins & losses resulting from the project. To do this we report against the initial estimated tender calculations and provide reasoning why each element of the works may be within or exceed the initial budget.

To ensure that tender vs construction analysis is maintained, all variation revenue must be allocated by trade to the tender budget so that final costs (which may include costs relating to variations which did not exist at tender stage) are not compared to tender budgets, which may result in inaccurate win/loss reporting.

Final account exercises are essential to project performance review & tendering success in the future
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