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Pre Construction Services

Cost estimating services

We can assist our customers with detailed pricing of construction works and abstracts for material orders as required, or we can receive an offer and assess it for risk and if the price is reasonable.

Once the customer provides a copy of the contract documents, we can get to work by measuring the project and applying rates accordingly. We then discuss the customers’ expectations for managing the project and the anticipated profit margins.


We can assist by reviewing the contract before it is executed to ensure there is a reasonable allocation of risk, and to ensure the contract reflects the agreed understanding for the project.

Terms such as ‘the construction rule’ (contra proferentem), time bars, limitations to variation entitlements, and programme requirements being ‘of the essence’ are just some of the pitfalls which may lead to significant commercial harm if not fully understood.

Similarly, whether the contractors tender adequately reflects the intention of the offer, and whether the tender is accurately represented in the contract with sufficient precedence is also an important step to ensure when engaging in a construction project as the builder.

Our customers are advised to contact us for a no obligation chat in regard to possible risk and to discuss the process in further detail to see how we may assist
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