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Programming Services

Programming Service

Programming is a critical element of any successful construction project.

We can help customer to monitor project and produce clear network analysis showing the causation of any delay.

Programming (also known as scheduling) is particularly useful to understand the impacts of several ‘moving parts’ and reorganization of the works. If customer have a construction contract which require demonstration of the critical path to demonstrate entitlement to a claim, a critical path network analysis is what customer require to perform this.

Certain construction contracts include the need to provide programmes at a regular and frequent basis. This requirement should be well understood before entering into a contract. Note that time-bar clauses in construction contracts require prompt action should delays arise in order to satisfy the contract and secure customers’ rights to claim.

Expert Staff

Our expert staff can monitor customers’ project as frequently as required to identify how events on site impact the programme schedule for the short and long term

If customer cannot grant access to the works then our programmers can monitor and adjust customers’ project programme using daily, weekly and bi weekly updates from customers’ records.

Programmes are provided in pdf and Microsoft Project format. These are typical platforms for this type of work and often can be interfaced with other programmes quickly. If customer would like the services to be provided using a different software then please make this known to our team at the outset of the services request

The network analysis
created/provided will demonstrate:

1. The sequence of the works
2. The durations for each task
3. The float,
4. Dependencies and lags between tasks,
5. Lead times for material procurement to establish a purchasing schedule,
6. Critical path milestones
7. Existing and forecasted delays
8. Identification off concurrent delays
9. Resourcing requirements (number of staff, and equipment)

Remote Programming Service

Programmes assist contractors to understand the impacts of events which have occurred, but also offer an opportunity to understand how delays can be mitigated and costs averted in the future.

Task dependencies are entered alongside lag and lead times to establish an automated sequencing of the works. This information can then be used to improve on the proposed sequence of works and to identify areas of opportunity to speed things up as required..

We can provide programming services remotely or in person as required at customers’ location.

The critical path
network analysis can be used to:

1. Price the building works,

2. Check customer have priced the works correctly and have included for sufficient preliminary and general costs such as management and equipment,

3. Check that no consecutive works occur and ensure the project is viable before committing to the project and entering into contract,

4. Identify long lead in procurement times and schedule automatic reminders ahead of time.

5. Demonstrate claims.

If customer have any queries about our construction programming services please feel free to contact us at customers’ convenience for a no obligation chat.
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