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Document and system assesment services


and Systems Assessment Services

We can assist the customer with their documents and systems by discussing how the customer usually undertakes its business before making recommendations and provide examples to improve.

We provide this service in relation to specific construction contracts, and also in relation to the customers business generally, as required.

Payment claims, invoices, insurances, warranties/guarantees and other deliverables are typical documents which may require some improvement. The goal being to either provide additional relevant information or to ensure compliance with contract and/or legislation.

The standard of business systems is also particularly important as record keeping ‘on site’ is an important factor when substantiating claims. We can assist the customer to understand why certain information must be recorded, and when, in accordance with good industry practice or the contract

Record keeping

Good record keeping is important.

We often receive enquiries from customers who correctly understand they have an entitlement to a claim, or on the other hand correctly understand that they have received an invalid or overcharged claim; but when it comes to substantiating their position do not have access to the required records to demonstrate this.

Daily records encompassing weather, resources, incidents, programme, and progress are often highly important when seeking to rely on the information at a later date.

Contemporaneous records are often essential for substantiating extension of time claims pr variation claims which include elements of disruption or delay
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