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Remote Contract Administration and Management Services

Remote Contract Administration
and Management Services

We can administer the customers construction contract remotely if required with no site attendance necessary.

Whether the customer is a main contractor, subcontractor, or developer we can help.

We use the latest technology to administer the construction contract via electronic means and undertake meetings as required via several platforms depending on our customers preference.

Contract administration & management typically includes (without limitation):

1. Issue & receive programmes to assist in coordination of the works,

2. Issue or receive contract instructions and action accordingly,

3. Administration of variations, including notification, pricing, and assessment as applicable, 4. Receipt and issue of progress claims,

5. Liaise and direct consultation parties such as designers and/or accreditation providers.

6. Receiving and issuing requests for information,

7. Dealing with deliverables, insurances, guarantees and warranties.

8. Dealing with unforeseen issues and liaising with the local authorities as required.
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How we can help

We understand that some of our customers may want to be more involved in the construction project than others. To facilitate the differing requirements for our involvement we offer several forms of assistance:

1. Full commercial & project management, where we represent the customers interests and communicate on their behalf entirely,

2. Commercial management only, where the project management is undertaken by the customer and/or other party and we provide commercial support as required.

3. Support oversight, where the customer wishes to administer the contract alone but wishes to have an expert on hand to raise queries with, or to be tasked with raising issues which become visible during the course of the project. This is often helpful as issues with submissions can be noted for correction, and/or we can provide helpful advice in relation to specific issues or correspondence.

Customers are encouraged to contact us for a no obligation discussion about which option is best and how to begin the process.
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