Quantity Surveyor Christchurch | Canterbury

We can provide on the job and remote quantity surveying services as required with no further obligations to long time employment.

Quantity surveyors can administer your project for you, value variations, submit progress claims, cost report, administer your subcontractors and issue payment schedules and more.

We can provide these service by supplying you with a quantity surveyor or providing the service remotely by our remote communication services and simple emails.

Quantity surveyors help to ensure your project spend is less than your budget, and the revenue you make is maximised.

How we can help you with quantity surveying

Image of two men shaking hands with a number of contracts on a table

Knowing the contract- Knowing your entitlements in every given scenario is important. Each contract is different and the things which you are entitled to be paid for change from contract to contract. Whether you need to claim your management revenue as a % completed or on a time spent basis, or whether you can charge profit margin for a change and what counts as a change – are all questions which one of our quantity surveyors or senior consultants can help you with.

Efficient time & no unwanted cost

By hiring Quantity surveyors via Contract Control you avoid the high initial onboarding costs and the risk that the staff member is not a good fit for the company. Our staff can be hired and released as the project requires so no more ongoing salary payments for staff who aren’t 100% needed.

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We can administer your construction project correctly and in accoredance with your contract and legislation