Document and Systems Assessment Services

Document controls, Contract Control offers several services relating to document control. The first is that we can assess your documents from a wording perspective and help you understand what legislation requires you to have what wording on what document, and how these should be presented. Questions like ‘should I refer to the construction contracts act on my invoices?’, and ‘do I need to send my terms with a purchase order?’ etc. are common and are easily helped with simply a phone call for our customers. Another document service we provide is to advise what information your company or project should actually record. Record keeping is critical to the success of a project. I cannot state this enough. Anyone who has ever quantified an extension of time claim or an acceleration claim will attest to the importance of record keeping. Larger projects are at significant risk of these scenarios occurring.

Image of two men shaking hands with a number of contracts on a table

We can check your documents and systems on information later which you need to record today

There are particular things such as weather, labour attendances and critical path programme information which must be known ‘just in case’ you rely upon it later. We can advise what information you need, why and how to record it and be available for any questions you may have regarding the specifics of your project.