Construction Dispute Options

We can take your construction dispute or enquiry, and action it in many ways designed to avoid unnecessary expense and find a quick end to the dispute. Initially all we need is the construction contract that is in dispute and a record of the correspondence and we can advise you what you are entitled to and what the best way to proceed is.

An early step is to establish the facts and present them to your client for a discussion. This includes a full description of the reasoning and what will happen if the client continues to administer the contract incorrectly. We do this pursuant to the terms of your construction contract.

An available next step is often a dispute option within the contract itself such as an expert determination or an Engineers review. Mediation is a separate option we can assist you with. Mediation is simply a talk which is helped along by a mediator who tries to have the parties see reasonable points. Mediations are sometimes contractually required but often are not, and are not binding on the parties.


Image of two men shaking hands with a number of contracts on a table

The next (but more often the quickest and easiest first step anyway) is an Adjudication. Adjudication is a quick legal option which can take anything from 2 weeks to 6 weeks to reach a final decision and they must be finished within time by legislation. Often these cases are completed quickly once they start. Contract Control can take care of the full dispute process from start to finish.

Contract Control can provide finance options for payment, charge by the hour, or provide service on a no win no fee basis for select cases. Once we win your case the other party often must pay within 2 working days and we will seek to have your costs reimbursed where appropriate.

Contract Control can also assist in debt collection and the statutory demand process which is a very quick 10 Working day process to see you paid undisputed amounts.

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