Construction Claims Services

Whether it's producing claims and formatting them correctly to submit to a Client, or critically evaluating Contractor or Subcontractor claims. Contract Control will establish the correct entitlement or lack thereof; and demonstrate this in depth.

As part of our claims service we can also ensure you are submitting in accordance with the Construction Contracts Act and the other requirements of your contract if any. If you do not know the difference between a claim, an invoice and a BCTI then don’t worry you are not the only one.

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Construction claims services

Did you know that to have a valid claim under the Construction Contracts Act you must provide certain information?

We can assess your contract and assist you to understand what you are entited to claim on your construction project and why. Similarly, if you have already submitted a progress claim and/or are thinking about a particular claim we can cast an impartial eye over the claim and advise the best way to reach a successfuil goal, or indeed if the claim is not a valid entitlement at all - potentially saving you the cost of a dispute and relationship of a client

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