Communications monitoring services.

By simply adding us to your incoming and outgoing communications we are able to receive these in real time and either, tell you what you should do.. or simply do it for you and provide you with reports on why and what the next steps are.

This is a way to ensure you never miss important correspondence again, and to know you will 100% answer in time to secure your right to a claim.

We are able to monitor any types of electronic communication, and with assistance and written letters can also be considered.

The information recorded and issued on your behalf is tailor made to your construction contract.

Image of two men shaking hands with a number of contracts on a table

Process & document systems advice services

We have helped to design and implement processes for New Zealand's largest and well-known companies.

Are you ensuring that contract clauses are referenced on your notifications? Are you totally aware of your ongoing costs ?

If you would like the way you do things to be critically assessed for potential issues we are happy to help.

We are also able to provide business seminars for face to face tuition about the needs and need-nots of your business and/or a particular project.

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We help Construction Contractors who are in Dispute, to get the money back thats owed Legally and quickly.